Industrial PDA

Denso the inventor of the QR Code® premiers the Denso BHT-1200 barcode terminal series designed with a specially arranged keypad which includes 12 function keys allowing the terminals to be operated one-handed using only your thumb and also featuring a large 3.5 inch HVGA color display lets an operator quickly see large amounts of information at a simple glance.

About the size of a smartphone at 57mm wide and with large backlit keys you can operate this in dark areas such as warehouses, trucks and other poorly lit areas. Increase your business proficiency with excellent scanning performance even over long distances and even it decodes complicated codes at 400 scans per second. Sporting a five megapixel camera to capture photos of damaged or defective products while inspecting that also has a convenient auto-focus with built-in flash.

The Denso BHT-1200Q-CE 2D Scanner with laser guide pattern is designed for cold storage areas or even in open air during the hot summer and rated IP54 against dust and moisture.


Standard configuration  ARM Cortex 800MHz, including IEEE802.11 b/g/n, Radio Module, Bluetooth, with Camera, 512 MB RAM, 2 GB  F-ROM
O/S  Windows CE 6.0
KIT  Βάση Φόρτισης, USB καλώδιο, μπαταρία, handstrap, πενάκι